Dental surgery, Implants


  • wisdom teeth extraction
  • removing fractured roots
  • apical surgery
  • implants


1. There are several reasons why you may need a tooth extracted.Wisdom tooth are commonly recommended for extraction due to lack of space in the mouth for full eruption and causing crowding among other teeth.

2. Apical surgery (apicoectomy) is a procedure to remove infection from the tip of the roots. This is usually caused by embedded bacteria that colonize on the outside of the root or in the surrounding bone.

3. Dental implant is a titanium / zirconium screw placed in the jaw. They replace single missing tooth or anchor multiple teeth together like a bridge or a denture. It’s required for the bone to provide a firm anchorage for implants. It is possible to replace the missing bone with several types of grafts. Today it is already possible / at some cases /to place the implant in the bone at the same time post tooth extraction. Despite of the thorough medical care in 2% of all cases there is an early loss of implants for unknown reasons. To lower the risk before the surgery we ask for lab tests to be taken.




Further dental treatments